What is favgenerator.com?

Favgenerator.com is an online favicon generator that allows you to create your own favicons online in no time.

Will search engine optimization (SEO) be affected by the favicon?

Favicons affect the search engine optimization of the website in many ways. When favicons are displayed at the top of a website search, it gives users a reason to click on the website. An appealing favicon attracts users and thus increases the click-through rate of the websites. Also, favicons can help build brand trust and credibility by reducing a website's bounce rate.

What is the advantage of using a free favicon generator?

Our simple, fast and reliable favicon generator is used to make your website look good. Moreover, you can gain the benefits of pro SEO view. You can simplify the process by uploading an image or setting the initials to create a beautiful favicon.

Are favicons free to download?

Yes, you can easily download favicons after creation.