How can you beautify your blog with a favicon?


Favicon is the term commonly used for bookmark icons, website icons or favorite icons and you have seen it before. Many designers use HTML source code to embed favicons in websites. You can create a favicon on various favicon generator websites. If you want to create icons for your company logo or name, you can get them from different icon generator websites. If you are a blogger, have you ever noticed the icon next to your blog?

Your favicon can be of any size or type, and once you download it, it will add value to your website. It can add value by increasing the click through rate of your website. When you design a favicon of your choice and customize it to your website, you add a special touch to your website. Adding a customized icon generally polishes up your website, and if you're thinking of adding it to your blog, that's a great idea.

Using an icon for your blog will help you differentiate it from other blogging platforms. You can now make your blog discoverable. Let's say people like your blogs and you have enough visitors, wouldn't it be a good idea to create a favicon? It will be beneficial in many ways because when people browse the internet, your website will be recognizable among the different tabs.

There are a few guidelines to follow when creating favicons. You can take a look at them

1. upload a single image

With a favicon generator, you can upload a single image and get a nice favicon. Uploading so many images is not right and you don't get a responsive icon.

2. replacement letters

Use only one letter at a time if you want to create eye-catching favicons

3. use a good design from your blogging web pages

Create a favicon that suits your blog and its theme as it looks professional and even appealing to users. Before using a favicon image on your blog, you can use any image editing software that is freely available. Make sure to change the extension of your favicon to.png,.ico and others. You can use a favicon generator to turn your existing image into an icon, as the generator will change the extension to.ico. You don't even have to worry about the standard 16x16 or 32x32 sizes, as the website will do it for you.

You can add a favicon by visiting your blogger's dashboard. Add the favicon by editing it in the favicon section and you're done.